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This is a abrupt arbitrary of the aboriginal 5 seasons I accept played in an alternating blazon book with the Ultimate Team in a MyLeague career.

I acclimated the NBA2K17 official roster, the 2016 nba2k official abstract class, the 2k17 Embrace da Pace abstract roster, and 2k18 and 19 versions of his abstract classes, I generated the 2020 and 2021 abstract classes, and will abide to do so.

I accept a accustomed bacon cap, college inflation, bigger generated abstract rosters, and hardly bigger progression and hardly bigger (lower) amateur regression. I do not accept barter override on, so I cannot drudge my way to acceptable players.

2016-17 Offseason:

NBA Wide: LeBron goes aback to South Beach, and KD.....joins the Hawks. BOTH OF THESE TEAMS ARE IN MY DIVISION.

No above moves, EXCEPT for the Draft. We access the 9th, 17th, and a 2nd annular pick. We abstract Dragan Bender with the 9th, Wade Baldwin IV with the 17th, and Oscar Kelley, and SF, (I accept he is a generated player, I retried a agnate sim, he didn't appear) in the added round.

I got complete advantageous though, I traded Payton and Hezonja for Rudy Gobert and Joe Ingles as the division was starting, so this was my starting lineup:

PG: Ish Smith (I added him in chargeless agency) (Baldwin was my 6th man appealing much)

SG: Victor Oladipo (I didn't barter him in this scenario)

SF: Aaron Gordon

PF: Dragan Bender

C: Rudy Gobert

We got the aboriginal berry in the playoffs with a acutely anemic agenda with no brilliant players. However, we absent in the Conference semi-finals to a cinderella-story 7th berry Nets in 7 games. (They advance to lose to the....Clippers....in 4 games...)

2018: We accomplishment 2nd in the East, with a bigger agenda (I anticipate we had either Demare Carrol or Paul Millsap). However, we already afresh lose in the Eastern Conference finals.

2019: "GLORIOUS".

That was the chat to call our team. We absent Carrol/Millsap and were able to body abyss even more. By now, both Bender and Wade Baldwin were able players and aggregation leaders. Our starting 5 was the aforementioned as before, now with Baldwin starting. With this team, we dominated. 1st in the East, and we cruised appealing calmly to the finals. Abracadabra happened in 6 games, as we took home the bays while on the alley in LA (against the Lakers). We got our aboriginal title, and Wade Baldwin, (with alone 19pts a bold and 9 assists a game) got the MVP. It was a affecting moment if Rudy Gobert and Wade Baldwin captivated the bays up.

2020: "Dynasty?"

We acutely absent Rudy Gobert in 2020, however, that was our decision, to barter him off for cap space, and to obtain... Kevin Love. We accept a arresting season, and face the Lakers already afresh in the NBA finals. With a win in 5 games, assuredly able to bless in the Amway centermost rather than in LA, we attending to be a dynasty...but there is one added footfall to do so.

2021: "Yep. Dynasty"

We lose Kevin Adulation now, and Oladipo, but annihilation can stop us, we win again, traveling best in the playoffs until the NBA finals, even afterwards our arch player, Dragan Bender for the aboriginal bisected of the playoffs, and exhausted the Nuggets in 6 games. However, this year, we were the 3 berry in the east, a berry aces of a...3-peat.

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