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Mar-31-2017 Categories: news

Grinded for hours on MyTeam Online and Cheap 2K MT Coins won a 20 alliance backpack box. I didn't cull a individual amateur aloft a silver, and got about 40 duplicates overall. Little message:

Title says it all. A connected time ago i would be accessible to breeze my deejay in half. At this point i just accept to blow and apprehend that no bulk how abundant 2k infuriates me, i will abide to be controlled by their backbreaking administration because i love the bold of basketball too abundant to stop arena the best NBA bold on the market.

I apperceive it's just a video game, but man i just wish to REALLY adore my time spent architecture teams and arena opponents. Im annoyed of the micro transactions, the ceaseless lag, the aloofness of 2k, the massive bulk of time spent playing for little to no reward, and the brainy assessment the bold takes on me if a archetypal "2k gaff" happens to me in the clamp moments of a game.

I conceiving about basketball, about the history of basketball and the approaching of basketball. I just wish a acceptable game. Maybe by 2035, right? Sorry for the bluster guys, but my affections accept been toyed with and 2k is to blame.

Reason accepting because theyre are the approved alliance packs that came out if the bold appear they dont accept moment cards in them authoritative them useless.

2k said they deceit go in the bold and amend them even admitting they said they fabricated the arrangement easier this year to amend and add stuff.

I apperceive they don't accept moments cards in them but i accept gotten an amethyst amateur from alliance packs in the accomplished i'm sure. It in actuality isn't even about the alliance backpack situation, it just got me cerebration about how shitty of a aggregation 2k is...

Half the time the lag is so bad i can't affix to servers for NBA 2K17 MT no credible acumen and the added bisected i get fucked in every way imaginable.