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Jun-13-2017 Categories: news

The 2K offices appropriate about now...2 added hrs of Zooming in to players bend or sausages fingers?

1) Fix servers.

2) Fix animations that aftereffect in players "blocking" by extensive through an abhorrent player's aback as they acceleration to dunk.

3) Fix the layup timer.

4) Enable axis off pregame-postgame flat segments to abatement bold amount times.

The layup timer. Fucking A. I absent so abounding layups this year.

Multiple times I've gotten a about abounding bar after blooming and the acknowledgment says "Release: Actual Late" and I lose all assurance in the accomplished mechanic.

After the aboriginal week, layups are the one abode I don't even attending at the bar anymore.

I will go for a acquaintance layup and ample the bar center afore absolution the button and l will get green. I just watch the animations.

I've approved the same, but I tend to absolution at the accomplished point and that doesn't assume to plan consistently.

To me, that's if I'd absolution a layup but in 2K you're accepted to absolution it already you leave your feet.

"You're my Jordan, and you're my - uh, er... what was Frodo's buddies' name? No, not the fat one. I'm talking about those added two, they gay ones. Yeah, Pippin. We'll spell Pippen like that, it'll be hilarious. OK, I'm gonna alarm out, I accept some videotapes to return."

"Make it so the amateur can adore acute all the buttons aggravating to accomplish time outs faster. Let them columnist them all. Don't let them skip. They'll wish to skip. But they'll like acute buttons of Buy NBA 2K18 MT. Also, we'll bandy the attempt meters off further and added with every patch. That's the fun of 2K now."