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NBA 2K - Talking about backpack openings

I'm mostly talking about backpack openings, it's absolutely antic how the allowance and prices are because there's tonnes of youtubers authoritative $200 for a 100k appearance video, so it's no affair to absorb money for them and affluent humans accepting a backpack bundle.

Does anyone at 2k apperceive how continued it in actuality takes to get 220,000 NBA 2K VC afterwards spending money? The bulk to get the new box and topper? I see all the youtubers adage "these packs are fire"...but all that's in actuality meant is abandoned the toppers from affairs the 20 packs at already are fire(requires the array no accustomed accepting can allow at 220,000).

I watched abounding new backpack aperture videos, and out of 120 packs (1,320,000 vc), in the complete packs they didn't get 1 amethyst or 1 diamond.

How aloft crazy is that, abandoned the toppers had appropriate odds. So in added words if you're just affairs abandoned packs like I am, you're never never aperture a acceptable card, maybe 1 design a year if lucky.

MICROTRANSACTIONS ARE KILLING THIS GAME, I've played 2k all my activity happily, and I was abundantly afraid if I aboriginal started arena mycareer with how abundant they try and beforehand vc sales in your face, it got to an excessive, crazy point I've never apparent in a bold before.

They are abandoned aggravating to address to the top 1% spending a tonne of money afterwards purchasing the game, accomplishing this makes it abhorrent for everyone.

If it takes me a day of harder arena to get 12000vc to buy 1 backpack (good luck even earning that in a day), and I accessible 80 packs over time (960,000 vc total), I ahead I should get 1 agenda aloft a bittersweet that goes for 1000 NBA 2K MT.

But maybe I'm just acquisitive and wrong, NBA 2K17 MT and nba2k17 is in actuality not acquisitive with micro affairs and backpack openings in actuality acquire acceptable odds.