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Wingmen. Accustomed 3's, who could amplitude to 4, or even abbreviate to 2. In the abide ages or two, we al of a sudden went from a arid with a few oases, to a bonanza crop. And a bonanza crop of budget-friendly options. Not to acknowledgment the budget-buster options like T-Mac, Mullin, Carmelo, etc. It's harder to bulk out how to accent them.

In this aboriginal post, I'm just active through a annual of some of the a lot of accepted options, even if I don't have/haven't played with their accomplished version.

(I'm artful this over from a cilia I started on OS. Anticipation it'd be a acceptable affair for the sub, and if you aswell ambition to analyze the OS thread, you can acquisition it HERE. Achievement it's adequate to link.)

Later on, I'm aswell absolute absorbed in talking about how to mix up these guys, insofar as trios arena 2, 3, and 4 together.

I already acquire Hill, King, Kiki, Pierce, AM Giannis, DI Butler, and AM Kobe. I don't acquire Aces or AM LBJ. But I acquire been debating on whether or not to lock in All-Around for USA Clyde, Historic Bucks for DI Moncrief, Historic Spurs for DI Manu, and intend to get and lock in Historic Pacers for DI Artest. (Have abundant MT and bankable assets to get Artest while still locking in all the aforementioned, if I want.)

So I feel anyone who is grappling with the "Who the fuck do I play at 3, Amplitude 4, and Big 2?" dilemma.

EDIT: This isn't a absolute list. I run through the guys I have/played, with some acknowledgment of guys I don't acquire but plan on getting, acquire anticipation about getting, or are accessible for me to get and which I acutely covet.

But there are others larboard uncovered. Welcome people's opinions on them...

DI Bernard King: I acquire a bendable atom for King. But he's not rationally playable any more. Still absolute good, but there's no best any acumen to cede a high-level alfresco attempt and alone solid aegis in barter for his column game,athleticism, and midrange.

DI Kiki: Aswell a absolute arresting mix of abhorrent capabilities. Column bold with the aristocratic alfresco shooting...but Bore just trounces him in a lot of respects.

DI Admission Hill: Hill's the one from this Accolade Design SF leash that I anticipate is still absolute compelling, because of his Ludicrous Speed, high-end defense, high-end midrange, absolute solid Accessible 3, Excellent playmaking, and aristocratic dunking.

Despite the blah badging.

DI Jimmy Buckets: Not in actuality an aristocratic defender. "Merely" high-end. Bad Dispatch for this level. Still makes sense, but if I weren't counting on him/them to be a accessory playmaker, again Battier is active and amateur a bigger 3-and-D man.

AM LeBron: His athleticism is no best impressive. Still absolute acute as an all-embracing package, but he's alone solid-to-good in agreement of cutting and column game. Cold zones all over. Wonky shot. And not in actuality an aristocratic defender.

AM Giannis: Giannis, I think, has to be accustomed a abode in a lineup. Even afterwards this alternating absolution of Battier, Pierce, Baylor, and PG13. Aristocratic badging, bare HoF badges. Possessor of the attenuate Def Anchor + Floor General duo. Big man height with aristocratic SG dispatch and brawl security. High-end midrange game, and applicable 3-ball. High-end aegis that borders on elite, due to his height. Allegedly elite, because of his height, athleticism, and 92 Steal. Allegedly the best rebounder out of this accomplished bunch.

AM Kobe: Still acute afterwards all this time, but just avalanche abbreviate of accepting playable amidst this crowd. He's acceptable in all abhorrent categories, but not high-level at annihilation but ablution and maybe post-game (for a bouncer with his speed).

Bigger affair is that he's unimpressive on defense. You acquire to watch him to accomplish abiding he doesn't do brainless stuff. If I'm traveling to adviser anyone for arresting missteps, it's traveling to be an abhorrent monster, which Kobe is not, any more.

DI Worthy: Aces is a awe-inspiring unicorn and absolutely compelling, admitting the applesauce badging (only 4 regular, 0 HoF, and abandoned Champ DNA/Clutch for Personality). I would anticipate of him as array of like the Design Draymond that we acquire not gotten,probably will not get, but trading off aristocratic column aegis and poor column breach for solid column aegis and aristocratic column offense. Maybe giving up some playmaking, but still at atomic admirable on that front, and accident high-end airy for good rebounding, but accepting monster finishing and high-level midrange.

DI Artest: He's been one of my goals all cycle, admitting the absolute black badging: no HoF Arresting Stopper, no Arresting Anchor...WTF, 2K? Still, he got absolute acceptable Speed/Accel (88/86) and even got 80 Dispatch w/Ball. Coupled with absolute good cutting all about (89/85/85 Mids, 88/88/74 3pt), 94 Driving Layup, 75 Driving Dunk, 77 Column Fade, 76 Chargeless Bandy and 84 Draw Foul...you are not sacrificing abundant for his defense. And, Ratings-wise, his aegis is godlike:

Backbone of a Center (93), Lat Activity that's basically maxed (98), and absolute acceptable Contest (87) that apparently can be fabricated aristocratic with a shoe.

DI USA Clyde: I don't anticipate one has to go into abundant detail to accomplish a case for USA Clyde. The catechism is alone one of cost. Otherwise, we're talking high-end basically beyond the board, abandoned "merely" acceptable at 3-point shooting, Strength,and handles. HoF badging to accomplish him a finishing god. Solid personality badging. Hot Zones everywhere central the arc. His accumulating isn't cheap, but it's not a bad one to lock in. I anticipate DI Kidd is one of the finest PG's in the game.

DI Rose was accustomed adapted aegis and is a bunched accident brawl on offense. DI Wilt is not so appropriate now that there are even added fantasy centers, but he's still about absolutely able-bodied and is a force in the acrylic on both ends of the floor. AM Bird, I think, is basically a Diamond, and has absolutely elite, endgame-quality badging. Several of the Amethysts and Rubies are absolute solid, and adequately unique.

DI Moncrief: Nobody would play him at the 3, and prevailing assessment seems to advance him at the 1, not the 2. But he's of big claimed absorption to me, and his ability of locking in the bulk of Historic Bucks has absolute affiliation to these other guys on the list. The things that still accomplish him appetizing is this combination: 91/93/86 dispatch ratings, with 98/88 LQ/Contest...and 85 Strength. The drawbacks are: unsellable, applesauce badging (no HoF Def Stopper, no Def Anchor...3 regular badges...SMH), abandoned 6'3" and not absolutely a accustomed PG because he doesn't acquire absolute acceptable handles or playmaking, and doesn't acquire aristocratic speed. Solid Accessible 3, high-end midrange, absolute acceptable finishing ratings, applicable post-fade. If the post-fade were money if additional to 86, again that could be appealing interesting, as he's array of a Gary Payton...but we're traveling to get a Design Payton, presumably. Got to accrue that in mind, even if DI GP is expensive.

DI PG13: George is a breeze because he's already bargain on this aboriginal afternoon, will end up a bit cheaper during the next 48 hours. A natural, prototypal 3, who should be kept there, I think. Doesn't acquire aristocratic dispatch for a 2, or good handles. Has acme to play Amplitude 4, but not the Strength, Rebounding, or Blocking. But, in the end: aristocratic shooting, aristocratic defense, and aristocratic finishing. Absolute 3-and-D wing. He's basically a bigger adaptation of Kawhi, trading the very acceptable Steal for admirable handles and passing.

DI Carmelo: It bugs me that I can't allow him afterwards affairs off a ton of stuff. He's blah on D, but such an incredible, unicorn of a monster on offense. Aristocratic PG-like dispatch and handles with PF acme and strength.

Aristocratic midrange and alfresco cutting with aristocratic post-fade and finishing. Abandoned defective a hot area at the top of the arc. And the affair about Carmelo is not just the ratings, or the badging, but that he gets absorbed with certifiable animations. If you get the brawl to him in the low post, he does antic things, automatically: with his Ruby, I've had him accept a canyon at the low block and he just launched into a continuing douse from there. Got him a canyon in the acrylic with two defenders on one side, and he automatically did a 180 in the air and put his physique amid his defenders and the brawl for a adroit layup. I absolutely should try and see if it's accessible to banknote accepting for him.

Still others to accede and detail. The McGrady cards, of course. PD Baylor. DI VC...From /r/NBA2k/.

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