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Mar-06-2017 Categories: news

The affair I've appear to apprehend if if you are arena 2k assured a fair, aggressive online gaming experience, you are traveling to acquire a bad time.

I just play now b/c the bold looks abundant and I like to play with my admired nba players. If you're searching to blemish your aggressive gaming crawling afresh attending abroad or be able to ambition to rip your hair out at some point.

Did he manually quit, or disconnect? Aboriginal disconnections for me usually bulk to a loss. Heck, one guy let his abeyance timer run out (in Q1) if the account was 20-4 (or something analogously ludicrous) , I quit, and got the L.

Paused and hit quit. I had one guy abdicate afore the bold started, it showed "There are no actual players in this game." I got the W for that.

Actually abandonment (by hitting the abdicate button) is about never a 'L', though. The afore bold quit, I've never had action to me, though.

The affair here, which 2k has accustomed as a "feature" is that if there's a disconnection, both teams yield an L. If you abdicate abandoned you do. You're active up the account on bodies and they're affairs the bung on their internet to accomplish the game anticipate they just absent connection, rather than rage-quit.

143-27 here, I can affirm that at atomic 18 of my losses came from this bullshit...It's appealing awful if I'm bigger than abuse abreast everybody I get akin up with so 2k decides to accord me losses aback I about never lose (the abandoned games I in actuality absent were if I had a bits team).

It is candidly apperception alarming afterwards endless complaints about this affair that 2k hasn't anchored it or gave us some array of update. you get on NBA2k reddit and see this complaint 4-5x a day. Just hasty to me it hasn't been addressed.

I've never apparent such a wierd development team, they're idea's are so fucked up in agreement of in actuality abbreviate acid accepting to buy NBA 2K18 MT accomplish the bold fair, or to abstain humans exploiting.