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Apr-05-2017 Categories: news

I was just kinda sitting in MyTeam cat-and-mouse for bazaar refreshes, and I couldn't accomplish any NBA 2K18 MT. Annihilation came up on my filters, maybe due to the glitch, but I don't know.

I didn't ambition to play MTO, as it is mostly arresting for me.

I didn't ambition to play blacktop either aback I am still trudging through akin 8.

There is no offline content. I haven't done the account challenges anytime this year, but out of apathy I did them. It was fun. It acquainted abundant to just use my cards and play. That added with the actuality that I get an MT reward?


Outstanding performances in the NBA appear in actuality every night. I don't acquire why baby challenges can't be added at atomic already a day to break accordant with the NBA.

Right now I'm in a rut and I'm abiding 50% of the MyTeam association is too if Twitch chats are right.

You call the account challenge...But i would say moments challenges should be accessible aback day 1 at atomic a acceptable lot of them like 50+ and adapted throughout the division its not harder to anticipate of a ton of diffrent situations or tasks with capricious requirements a amateur can do admirable of 1000mt - 5000 NBA 2K mt.

And abacus a mini online/ offline playoff approach to myteam like Madden would be air-conditioned too, brainstorm arena MTO in a playoff atmosphere.

I anticipate you've just declared MyTeam Account Challenges.