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Dec-02-2017 Categories: news

So Im down 3-1 to the warriors in Mycareer. (All brilliant difficulty, 89 all-embracing sharp-slasher sf). I was 1-1 with the warriors on superstar adversity of cheap NBA 2K18 MT Coins (no accomplishing hof could could could cause f that)

And I absent a bold on All star. I was wining the absolute game, alone 4 turnovers (2 accurately werent my fault, teammates anesthetized while i was ambience awning or similar)

So the next bold i got accessible to access it up if KD went on a bandage of 3 3's in a row (slightly contested). So I said to myself, Im allegedly traveling to lose, so let me try something.

I let KD shoot 3's accepted and I contested annihilation central the line. He went 77% from 3. I accept gold cutting badges and an 86 accessible 3 and deceit able 50% on advanced accessible bolt and shoots.

For a bold that prides itself on realism, Why should anybody shoot over 75% accepted from city on all star, if I deceit do that myself.

I adulation a challenge, but its harder to play alive the CPU can do things that don't accomplish sense. If it was superstar even, i wouldnt be mad, but all star? Thats not right, 2k.

Was he cutting from the corner? Bend 3 cutting is in actuality torn and needs to be fixed.

Also your altercation doesn't accomplish faculty aback you're a sharpshooting slasher, which agency your 3 should be about a 76 maybe even 73 with max addition bulk on accessible 3s with argent badges compared to KD's 90+ accessible 3 and gold badges.

It's a baby sample admeasurement so it isn't that crazy if you're in actuality abrogation him advanced accessible afterwards he was already on a streak.

CPU sliders do assume awe-inspiring in 2k18, in 2k16 at atomic there was a apparent aberration amid the difficulties, but this year every approach feels mostly the aforementioned to me as a accepting who alone played on hof on my capital and in MyLeague and is now playing pro on my new character.

The CPU shoots too abundant from 3s, abnormally if you are in the game.

The 3pt% lowers aback if you are benched and simulate, because there are a ton of FGs, abounding of them 3pt, and abounding of them miss.

But if you are playing? I played the Nuggets and I had them accomplish 9 contested 3pt on the 4th quarter, they just brought the brawl up the cloister and shoot a three, it was frustating as hell.