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NBA 2K - Not allotment of the NBA 2K PC community

Hello, aboriginal of all I don't wish to actualize a "flame" thread. The afterward altercation is just my assessment and the adventures I fabricated in the endure few weeks.((Please don't blaze about my english, Im not a built-in speaker))

It's able-bodied accepted that 2K has a massive cheating botheration at the PC. At archetype at the endure "Mountain Dew - Event" endure sunday, 80% of all participants cheated. You dont assurance me? Actuality is one archetype and here's another.((You should apperceive that 2K on PC doesn't accept a tooo big abecedarian abject and abandoned 25 humans yet accomplished SS3, abandoned 3 SS4+)).

So what is 2K accomplishing adjoin it? - Apparently nothing.

As a fair abecedarian Im about recording every bold and creating abutment tickets adjoin cheating guys (most of the time the proofs are 99% safe and evident) but still, every time 2K sends an automated email back. actuality an archetype from March, you can acutely see that this guy cheated badges and afterwards a admission I got a acknowledgment from 2K. But acceptance what? He's still amphitheatre and thats aswell the case in like 20 Abutment tickets I fabricated in the endure month.

So yeah, I achievement I can accord you a appearance on my point of 2K atm.

I achievement you get a lot of upvotes on this column arch to some acceptance from 2k. Not allotment of the PC association but looks like you are accomplishing a lot to accumulate some candor in the game. Please don't get beat and stop what you're doing. It makes no faculty to put out a PC bold and not accommodate the aforementioned bulk of abutment as consoles do (though that's not adage a lot).

It does accomplish faculty in agreement of $$$ that's what you guys accumulate missing. They aren't accident beddy-bye over this bits they're analytic at spreadsheets and projections for what would appear if they implemented an anti-cheat arrangement and acumen it would aching them added afresh it would admonition them. Just stop fucking affairs the PC version, it's as simple as that.

That's like cogent us animate players to stop affairs 2k. There's no alternative. We are all acquainted of how money athirst 2k can be they're no altered than any added aloft company to Buy NBA 2K17 MT Coins. That shouldn't stop humans from authoritative these column and trying to get something changed.