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Jul-12-2018 Categories: news

Keep in apperception that the archetypes actuality are not to bout their stats but to bout their description and adumbrated playstyle. In parentheses I will put the primary and accessory archetypes in that nba 2k18 mt corresponding order. As for Ben Simmons, let's just say he's a authentic Playmaker aback humans would altercate on whether he's a PG or SF.


-Steph Curry, Attempt Creating Analyzer (Sharpshooter, Attempt Creator)

-Chris Paul, Attempt Creating Playmaker (Playmaker, Attempt Creator)

-Kyrie Irving, Authentic Attempt Creator

-Russell Westbrook, Playmaking Slasher (Slasher, Playmaker)

-Damian Lillard, Sharpshooting Attempt Architect (Shot Creator, Sharpshooter)


-James Harden, playmaking attempt architect (shot creator, playmaker)

-DeMar Derozan, slashing attempt architect (shot creator, slasher)

-Klay Thompson, lockdown arresting analyzer (sharpshooter, defender)

-Jimmy Butler, lockdown arresting slasher (slasher, defender)

-CJ McCollum, authentic attempt creator


-LeBron James, Slashing Point Forward, (Point Forward, Slasher)

-Kevin Durant, Sharpshooting Attempt Architect (Shot Creator, Sharpshooter)

-Kawhi Leonard, Attempt Creating Lockdown Apostle (Defender, Attempt Creator)

-Giannis Antetokoumpo, Slashing Point Advanced (Slasher, Point Forward)

-Paul George, lockdown arresting attempt architect (shot creator, lockdown defender)


-Anthony Davis, Bottle Cleaning Able-bodied Finisher (Athletic Finisher, Bottle cleaner)

-Draymond Green, Bottle Cleaning Point Advanced (Glass Cleaning, Point Forward)

-Lamarcus Aldridge, Sharpshooting column scorer (post scorer, amplitude big)

-Blake Griffin, able-bodied finishing point advanced (Athletic Finisher, point forward)

-Kristaps Porzingis, attempt creating amplitude big (stretch big, attempt creator)


-Demarcus Cousins, column scoring attempt architect (post scorer, attempt creator)

-Joel Embiid, sharpshooting column scoring (post scorer, amplitude big but in absoluteness he'd acquire all 4 of the Centermost archetypes)

-Karl Anthony Towns, able-bodied finishing amplitude big (Athletic finisher, amplitude big)

-Nikola Jokic, playmaking bottle cleaner (glass cleaner, playmaker)

-Andre Drummond, authentic bottle cleaner

Probably gonna do badges or all time greats next.