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Mar-04-2018 Categories: news

So throughout all the MyGM's(more accurately alpha todays) ive done this yeah and on endure years bold as able-bodied my players never put up buy 2k18 mt acceptable stats or even reasonable stats.

I've tinkered about with the scoring options settings, credibility of emphasis, minutes, and even amateur tendencies every already in a while yet my players never put up acceptable stats.

And it isnt due to accepting ample teams either ive had abounding teams that had no changes yet if i yield over their stats decrease.

For archetype if i do a non okc alpha today russ goes to boilerplate a amateur bifold or acutely abutting to one for years to arise about if i took over okc his stats fell to about 22/5/6 and it started accident in the boilerplate of our accepted division appropriate now as i did a alpha today.

I've had this arise with assorted teams and or players including aureate state(whic is somewhat barefaced except if i dont accept them as my aggregation both kd and steph go on to boilerplate 30 assorted times) and added suprisingly with the pelicans and anthony davis.

After i took over he alone from 25/12 with about 2 steals and 2 blocks a bold to 22/7 with .4stls and 1.2blocks this has happened both with befitting cousins and absolution him airing and replacing him with assorted centers like greg monroe etc. in fact every aggregation and every amateur i use beneath performs decidedly if siming, has anyone abroad had this issue? Is there a fix of some sort?

It has to do with minutes, advance scoring option, play appearance (play through star, column centric, etc.), active in alteration vs abolition the boards, and advance scoring options.

If you REALLY capital to, you could ample OKC with no rebounders and playmakers so the abandoned accepting with acceptable casual or airy is Westbrook.

You'll allegedly boilerplate about 25-20-20 depending on how bad anybody else's casual and airy is.

Did this with a created amateur that had all 25's on scoring stats, but max stats everywhere else. He averaged 5-25-25 and won MVP.

Did you accept sim adversity down? Ive tinkered with the minutes, scoring options, and play styles abundant times with no avail.

Everything's is set the way bold sets it. Accumulate in apperception I did this breadth anybody abroad on my aggregation had beneath than B airy and cheap 2K MT coins playmaking, while this guy was A+ in both.