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NBA 2K - My assumption is in actuality PD lakers shaq

Who are the 2 PD that will be appear on May 23rd as apparent on 2ktv? Aggregation USA MJ and PD Barkley.

Not that agitative for 99.5% of the bodies who play MyTeam as they accept no adventitious to get either card.

My assumption is in actuality PD lakers shaq, aboriginal blush design that can be pulled. PD barkley with 98 USA MJ.

I could see them absolution a bigger PD MJ 95-96 adaptation afore end of cycle.

Edit: Looks like Barkley and MJ

Honestly The aggregation USA MJ should be a PD. Calmly the exhausted abecedarian on that squad. Afresh afresh abracadabra and bird were bigger than Barkley so what the fuck do I know!

In 92 Barkley was in actuality a bigger abecedarian than Bird and Magic. But aiguille astute they're both bigger than him of course.

I was searching at it in an all-embracing career standpoint but yea aback we're talking '92 it makes sense.

It will be MJ and chuck, just saw on the adventure they are accolade cards. I'm blessed because I accept been extenuative mt for USA Mj, but anticipation 2k could cull a fast one and accomplish him a 98. Afresh absolution a 99 in a month.

Didn't Rachel say they are rewards cards on 2KTV? Yeah USA MJ and Chuck.

I anticipate it's gonna be PD Shaq in the packs and PD Jordan.

I feel like Barkley wouldn't calculation as one of the two aback he's been accepted aback the game's inception of NBA 2K17 MT.