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NBA 2K - My abstraction that adeptness advice 2k players

There are posts on actuality all the time about how one of their players absent a blooming absolution chargeless bandy or how they consistently get abounding white confined but no blooming releases and miss, apprehension their jumper ‘broke.’ I acquire an abstraction that adeptness help these players’ frustrations, but aswell fix the bendability (or inconsistency) of players as a whole.

To set a precedent, the accustomed blueprint for blooming releases is that they are complete rare, yet if you get one they are (almost) a affirmed make. Instead, I ahead authoritative them added accustomed and not affirmed makes is a applicable solution. I know, just apprehend me out.

In complete life, authoritative or missing a attack is a lot of abased on 2 things: the player's accomplishment at authoritative a attack and the bulk of aegis accepting played on said player. So, the abject for authoritative a attack should depend a lot of on these two things.

Let's say anniversary amateur has a abject allotment for every shot. The ‘base percentage’ of a amateur the allotment of shots the amateur would accomplish if larboard advanced accessible from a assertive area. For the purposes of the account I'll acquire Stephen

Curry (a abundant shooter), Russell Westbrook (a appropriate shooter), and DeAndre Jordan (a abhorrent shooter) anniversary cutting three-pointers. Based on metrics from endure year, these three players had abject percentages while cutting three-pointers of:

Curry: 50%

Westbrook: 32%

Jordan: <1%

Now, we add in the furnishings of the attack meter. Brainstorm Steph, Russ, or DeAndre is advanced accessible on the three-point band and the amateur shoots the ball, bushing up the attack beat and accepting a blooming release. (Getting a abounding white bar wouldn’t be a botheration anymore with this idea. Basically, unless you’re way off from the end of the attack meter, you’ll get a blooming release.) The allotment of authoritative that three-point attack would acceleration from their abject allotment due to the blooming release.

So, if a blooming absolution was achieved, this would be the breakdown of percentages:

Curry: 90%

Westbrook: 50%

Jordan: 3%

(Note these numbers are arbitrary, so yield them with a atom of salt.) This bureau that Back-scratch would accomplish 9/10 advanced accessible 3s, Westbrook would accomplish 5/10, and DeAndre would accomplish 3/100 (lol), bold that the amateur got blooming releases every time. Now, say instead of a blooming release, the amateur abounding up the beat halfway. The percentages would attending like this:

Curry: 70%

Westbrook: 41%

Jordan: 2%

This, in my opinion, would end at atomic some annoyance about players missing wide-open three-pointers. If the amateur gets a blooming release, they apperceive that whether or not the attack goes in is abased on the accomplishment of the shooter, and not the bold fucking you over by not giving you the blooming ablaze for a abounding white bar. They won’t be assured a affirmed accomplish any more, and instead would be assured the best accessible allotment that that specific amateur can shoot.

Now, let’s allocution about aegis and the aftereffect of attack contests. In essence, attack contests would acquire the aforementioned aftereffect that the attack beat would have, but abrogating and a little bit added impactful. Let’s alpha with the abject percentages:

Curry: 50%

Westbrook: 32%

Jordan: <1%

Now, Let’s say players get a blooming release, authoritative the percentages:

Curry: 90%

Westbrook: 50%

Jordan: 3%

Heavily battling a attack should abate the allotment of authoritative that attack added than the blooming absolution increases it. So, if a amateur gets a blooming absolution and the attack is heavily contested, the percentages would attending like:

Curry: 45%

Westbrook: 20%

Jordan: 0%

If the attack is moderately contested, the percentages would attending like:

Curry: 55%

Westbrook: 26%

Jordan: 0%

You get the idea.

This would abate the annoyance of humans authoritative contested shots all the time while befitting the accurateness of players authoritative some contested shots in the game. But, amidst all of this explanation, you may admiration breadth attributes appear into play. Here’s a account of how I ahead assertive attributes affect this model:

Open attack close/mid/3pt: Would behest both the abject allotment and the bulk the allotment increases if you get a blooming release.

Off distill close/mid/3pt: Same, but if off the dribble.

Contested attack close/mid/3pt: Would behest how abundant the allotment decreases from contests. Works in affiliation with the attack claiming appraisement of the defender.

Offensive Consistency: Would behest how the percentages of these shots change on a game-to-game basis. A amateur with low bendability adeptness acquire a 40% allotment access from blooming releases one game, acceptance them to bolt fire, while other amateur they adeptness acquire a 5% increase, apprehension them abundantly algid for that game. On the contrary, a amateur with top bendability adeptness see a abiding access of about 20% every game, with little to no aberration on a game-to-game basis.

Shot claiming (of the defender): Would behest how abundant the allotment decreases from contests. Works in affiliation with the contested attack appraisement of the shooter.

I did badges, too:

Catch & Shoot: Access abject allotment and bulk allotment increases with blooming absolution in bolt and shoot situations.

Corner Specialist: Access abject allotment and bulk allotment increases with blooming absolution if cutting from the corner.

Limitless Range: Access abject allotment and bulk allotment increases with blooming absolution if cutting from far abaft the 3-point line.

Mid/Deep-Range Deadeye: Decrease how abundant the allotment decreases from contests. Defensive Stopper (as the defender): Access how abundant the allotment decreases from contests.

The changes in allotment would allegedly be like so:

Bronze: 2%

Silver: 4%

Gold: 6%

HOF: 10%

So, there you go, Reddit. There’s my abstraction that I spent NBA 2K18 MT way too abundant time on. Let me apperceive what you think. TLDR I and abounding added humans were balked with the cutting arrangement in the bold and I anticipation of an abstraction of how to fix it.