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NBA 2K - Kyrie Irving NBA 2K18 Kit Megathread

Since there's assorted accoutrement traveling up about this topic, anticipation I'd just actualize a megathread area we can altercate accessible locations, bead codes, 2K MT Coins and allocution about aggregate abroad accompanying to this kit hunt.

I'll try to amend this cilia periodically.

Participating Cities

What the kit looks like

Cleveland Location- Top of the Band Barbershop

Detroit Location- Bob's Archetypal Kicks

NOLA Location- Sports Additional on 828 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70112 Shoutout to /u/saviorself_x

Ronnie tweeting out this thread

A big average feel to a lot of of the west and Midwest and the everywhere abroad in the world. Kyrie is my admired amateur by far so this sucks. Ps. Live in Washington state. I anticipation the agenda was mad air-conditioned too.

In New Orleans anyone acquaint Sports Additional on 828 Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70112. Hotlink Acceptable luck if you are nearby! I charge the Los Angeles area ASAP.

Any luck? I Live by staples centermost so i was gonna go attending about but I agnosticism it would be there.

Nothing in staples center. Alleged assorted food nearby. They are all clueless. I searched Glendale on my cafeteria break. I plan next to the Galleria and Americana and NBA 2K18 MT begin annihilation there. PM if you guys acquisition it.

I was cerebration about the Galleria as well. Watch it be some impaired bits like a accidental Burger King.

No one has begin the LA area yet (or at atomic they haven't posted) which is crazy! I aswell anticipate it's brainless they haven't accustomed a clue at all. LA is like 1000 altered cities.