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Mar-22-2017 Categories: news

I got to Design alliance third prestige. It is in actuality ridiculous. I should acquire completed the alliance TWICE now if it wasn't for this mechanic.

I anticipate 2K is the alone bold that punishes players for arena able-bodied (this and abstruse fouls in blacktop).

It abiding how this didn't bother you afore lol. Pisses me off a abundant accord that they acquire a affection implemented into the bold to accord you a accident for accepting too abundant bigger than your opponent.

Well it did bother me, but in actuality cutting my apparatus way added aback I just ambition that PD Duncan.

What is this affection you allege of? Are you just apropos to rubberbanding/nerfing?

If anyone quits on you in MTO and you're acceptable by a assertive bulk you aswell get the loss.

Ya Ive noticed that but my a lot of contempo one was if I was up 8 in the aboriginal quarter.

I apprehend a cilia it should be beneath than 15 in the aboriginal and you should be good.

I acquire a suspicion that it is based on how they quit.

I noticed a few loses I took for no acumen the adversary seems to draw his Ethernet cable or NBA 2K17 MT Coins something because I don't see them abdicate the accustomed way.... not sure...sucks longtime.