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NBA 2K - I was the aforementioned way

I was the aforementioned way with NBA MT Coins at atomic one guy on anniversary of my myplayers.

On the Raptors with my AF C, I would set a screen, Lowry would footfall aback go about my awning and absence a continued contested 3.

On the 76ers with my LDD PG, Simmons just will not canyon the abuse ball.

On the Suns with my GC Center, I would bang it out to Bender and affirm he was a MyPark blockhead because he'd canyon up the accessible middie, footfall aback and brick a 3.

On my SS SF on the Lakers Ingram just was a ballhog that takes abhorrent shots.

On my LDD PF I was on the Kings, Cousins and I were consistently application the aforementioned absolute acreage and I just never acquainted like I could get annihilation done.

On my Slasher SG with the Lakers I acquainted like my appearance meshed with everybody at aboriginal until fucking Jordan Clarkson would never canyon the brawl to anybody but Ingram.

Im on the suns and i accept the aforementioned botheration with bender. What i abhorrence tho is that marquess chriss will not shoot the brawl even tho he has a appropriate 3 and mid range.

I feel you with Simmons and Ingram. Brandon Ingram isn't able of accomplishing annihilation that isn't sprinting continued 2s and Ben Simmons hasn't ample out that he shouldn't be in the bend yet.

I'm on the bucks and Giannis doesn't apprehend he's Giannis, he just takes cull up threes, never attacks the basket, NBA 2K17 MT and never passes.