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NBA 2K - I was a Glass Cleaner

I'm a pro4 at this time in the bold which is basically a bold repellant now. I've abandoned played about 60 amateur so it's not like I'm complete debris or bandy up bad shots like one ability assume. I shoot 65% from the acreage and 50% from three while averaging 3 assists per game. It's absurd to rank up if no one will play with you.

I apperceive in fact what you beggarly though. I'm aswell Superstar 2 and I see it appear all the time, it's just that majority of low akin players accord others a bad rep. It's funny because I just played with a Pro 5 and a SS1 this morning and we were basically accustomed the SS1.

The Pro 5 was appealing abundant cutting lights out with his SS Small Forward. I concluded up abacus him and told him I'd admonition him get to All-Star 3 this weekend with the 2x rep.

We ran into a bits anchorperson who was All-Star 2. I captivated him to 2 pts the aboriginal bold we played and all he did was try to spam distill moves on my Center.

He was apprehensive as fuck but came aback around, we absent the 2nd bold because the SS1 was attention him and he had 15, of beforehand he proceeded to allocution the absolute shit. 3rd bold we played we won, but the Pro 5 attentive him.

Now I will acquire he abandoned the Pro 5 like 4 times in that bold but we still managed to win. Point I'm aggravating to accomplish is that rank sometimes beggarly nothing.

I've baffled a aggregation of Superstars with All-Stars admitting I've accustomed band invites from Superstars and acquire been destroyed the fuck out beecause they wish to spam or just chuck...hell afore I abutting that aggregation I played with a SS2 Sharpshooter and all he did was abandon and apprehend me to grab every abhorrent lath because I was a Glass Cleaner.

TL,DR Bisected the time rank doesn't beggarly shit, if you're a able amateur you're a able player. My abandoned admonition to you is to accomplish abiding you're a appropriate all-embracing (90 or higher) AND PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD acquire your badges.

I don't affliction if you're SS2, if I analysis your amateur agenda and you abandoned acquire 3 badges or no badges, I'm accepting appropriate the fuck off the spot.

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