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Feb-05-2017 Categories: news

MMOGO NBA 2K18 MT - I saw a video beforehand on this sub that had gold derrick rose communicable design d rose on a fast break. Design d rose has hof on man fast breach and a 98 acceleration with ball. Why didnt one man activate? It allegedly doesnt accord a acceleration addition so what does it do?

It gives a ample acceleration addition on fast break. The design rose got bent in a shitty fast breach action and it looked like gold was faster than diamond.

Won't it accord an absolute concrete aspect boost? Because if that is the case, afresh it would max the acceleration out at a 99, apprehension it basically like a brownish brand in that case then.

Not sure, I anticipate it gives the amateur block u beneath of a adventitious to bolt u but idk aback 2k doesn't absolution furnishings of all the badges.

It gives a ample acceleration addition except if it doesn't?

It gives a ample acceleration addition if it activates. In the video the design drose got ashore in a shitty animation.

I anticipate it may aswell addict allowance of attack the amateur takes at the added end of the court, if he shoots.

Yea, that seems acceptable as I accept a slasher with it on hof and it seems like I accomplish added shots if traveling bank to coast.

The CPU is absolute acceptable at the "hold jersey" animations. If you're not advanced of them if you bolt the ball, you'll be caught.

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