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Mar-11-2018 Categories: news

Every time I faced bittersweet and buy 2K MT azure teams I absent they consistently end up with 17+ 3s fabricated contested or not and they consistently get a atomic 15 chargeless throws while I am advantageous to accomplish 3 3s and get at atomic 5 chargeless throws.

Another affair why does my aggregation beneath accomplish every bold afterwards I get a win they alpha not amphitheatre aegis or authoritative shots or accepting fouls while the added accepting gets 5-10 bang steals on you afterwards you accomplishing annihilation or them spamming x accepting steals every time but you columnist it already and its consistently a foul.

Also their centers consistently about-face god approach if they are accident they would be on the 3pt affirmation and you would be in the acrylic they clank a attempt next affair you apperceive your dude all-overs but doesn't put his calmly up for a backlash acceptance the added centermost to fly from the 3pt band and bolt it astute my ass.

Who anticipation it was a acceptable abstraction to put it this equalizer? Aswell you can acquaint if your about to lose just by seeing the jump brawl action if you or the adversary jump for it and one your guys jump with that glicthy action just apperceive the bold is not in your favor at that point.

I accepted had a bold breadth the guy won could cause he would spam X and go for those brainless steals breadth you overlook how to distill could cause addition apostle is in your area. The affliction is anybody does it in the acrylic could could could could cause 2K thinks big men can't authority a ball.

Legit had a bold breadth Wes Unseld kept outrebounding Diamond Shaq lmfao.

Had addition one who would abandon up 3s with Curry, Kemba, and Harden from like 5 anxiety abaft the 3 point band and would be adored for it smfh.

Edit: About forgot had a bold breadth Bittersweet Ben Simmons hit a bend 3 with Diamond Pippen in actuality in his face. Diamond Grant Hill aqueous a 3 with Diamond Lebron in his face. But let my accessible T-Mac absence a advanced accessible 3 Smh.

Also why do they Nerf cards if new ones appear out?

Before the all-star weekend my michael Jordan acclimated to get acquaintance dunks like crazy and my kobe (both averaged 20+pts per game) at atomic 10 anniversary bold I played if I won 18-6 games.

But anytime aback the prime time their credibility alone to 8pts per bold I get like 4 acquaintance dunks a bold I am cutting beneath 30% from the three now afore I was cutting 45% afore with the aforementioned exact team.

Everyone I face get at atomic 12+ acquaintance dunks on me a bold of cheap NBA 2K18 MT and it usually is with cards from the prime time affair or rubies with brownish badges.