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Mar-06-2017 Categories: news

Something like if you're up by 20 credibility in the aboriginal half, you'll get an L if the added accepting disconnects. Personally, I anticipate this is complete beasts h i t. So because I'm bigger than the added accepting at the game, I acquire to be punished for it? What NBA 2K17 MT?

I can't bear a blast anymore in fears of accepting handed an L. Imagine if this was the case in the NBA, lmfao. I don't affliction about '2K's aggravating to accomplish the bold fair' rhetorics. How is it fair to be punished for outplaying addition person?

Edit: so I acquire to consistently accumulate the bold close, and accident a improvement just so I don't lose...

It is appealing irritating... I mean, how is it a Basketball Simulation if we can't draft anyone out by like 30-40 pts?

I candidly don't get what's traveling on. It's complete arresting that this happens on a approach area you charge to go best to get the top prize.

I'm aggravating to go 12-0 to get the endure design token. I'm 11-3 in my endure 14 games. All 3 losses are from opponents abandonment in amateur area I'm up 19-4, 30-10, and 16-8.

Been aggravating to get that badge for over a ages now. I get accepted losses every already in awhile, but it's about absurd to go best with this system...I absolutely don't get how this was a acceptable idea.

Why the hell would you beeline up outplay the action so early!

But actually, I acquire absolutely learned, if i can go up 10 in Q1, I can draft them out whenever I feel like, so I usually try to accumulate the account amid 8 and 10, until Q3. afresh I about-face on the afterwards burners.

And ofc, befitting the bold abutting is an art anatomy on its own. You can't just be flopping larboard and right, or acid brash 3s. You charge to let the action get a footfall on you on offense, afresh run abounding acceleration accomplished them. This will accomplish them anticipate that their crossover abilities go you.