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NBA 2K - I acquainted beggared out of a win by 2k

Amy JR absent already from halfcourt for me while aggravating to win the game, it was even contested and you apperceive he hardly never misses those. I acquainted beggared out of a win by 2k.

Yeah that was a halfcourt attack not a agilely contested dunk...I assumption the sarcasme doesn't bang everybody.

You absent a contested douse afterwards about NBA 2K18 MT Coins axis it over...then you acerbity abdicate and now it's 2ks fault.

First off I didn't quit, I paused to get the clip, second, the douse wasn't even contested lmao.

That douse will go in 99% of the time in complete life, and that would abandoned be if a amateur wasn't focused, and in this bearings I'm appealing abiding the amateur is focused. This is beeline up robbery.

Do you acquire what the chat challenge means? because there was a amateur 100% in foreground of joel. players absence contested dunks ALL the time in complete life, yes, even if there is beneath than 5sec on the clock, they miss.

It was a bad canyon that advance to a contested douse attempt, apologetic but this is not NBA JAM 100% of your dunks are not traveling to go in.

I feel you. I absent 3 abutting MTO amateur like this. 1 was a advanced accessible fast breach layup, formed appropriate off. The added was a baseline cut layup, formed appropriate off. 3rd time was a absent dunk, hardly contested but in fact not abundant to miss.

Looking at the play, you had about 2-3 abnormal to canyon the brawl to the B figure player. he was accessible to drive the lane. that was the bigger play.

I assumption you had set your apperception to run pnr so you absent him. On joel's douse though, 2k has addiction to force you to absence in those instances. Even if it was a backward contest, 2k gonna 2k. unfortunately.

Other dunks that acquire been commented on beneath I can accede with.

But to be fair it was a bad canyon with the adversary appropriate in foreground of you as you dunked. Annihilation to be mad at really.

It was a bad canyon but the bearings alleged for it, and that endure allotment is just BS, players RARELY absence dunks in complete activity just because a apostle is continuing in foreground on them, not even authoritative acquaintance adeptness I add.

Especially not athletic, skilled, accommodating 7-footers like Joel Embiid. There's affluence to be mad at.

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