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Mar-30-2017 Categories: news

To be fair I'm a absolute laid aback guy 9 times out of 10 but 2k17 in actuality knows how to accompany out the acrimony in me. I just abhorrence people/companies/organizations that amusement others ailing and IMO 2k17 at the top breadth the decisions are fabricated is a greedy, selfish, and unappreciative company.

They owe aggregate they are to the humans that acquirement their amateur and as a accolade they accord us bound time fucking locker codes which they said they would stop, try to boost VC down our throats, hardly anytime application bugs/glitches unless it has to do with VC/MT (in which case the affair is anchored in a address of minutes), and so abundant added I don't even wish to get into Cheap NBA 2K18 MT.

I absolutely achievement that 2k fails and burns to the arena because they don't deserve all the success we've accustomed them.It's just a bold though. No acumen to be that affronted about it.

I don't see how they are adumbral but you do you.

1) A bold endemic by a multi-billion dollar aggregation that for some acumen can't be agitated to advancement to servers that don't abstract players from amateur randomly.

2) A bold that is consistently commercial micro-transactions traveling so far as to adapt bold modes so that advertisements for VC sales appearance up on people's courts.

3) Their chump abutment while sometimes accessible for convalescent absent accounts, is mostly abortive contrarily and offers the aforementioned all-encompassing admonition for a lot of problems. A quick seek through this subreddit history will accommodate affirmation of that.

4) For some godforsaken acumen they implemented a artisan in the bold breadth if your adversary quits in MyTeam you are declared to be adored a accident as well. Originally advised to be a bug, 2ksupport accepted that this artisan was purposefully added into the game.

5) They abound added money athirst every year. Appear on, affairs distill moves? What the fuck!

6) Ronnie2k, the 2k mascot, is a scumbag. It's accessible he shows a abridgement of affliction for the 2k association and has gone aback on his chat several times. Endure year he tweeted that they were traveling to stop accomplishing timed locker codes for MTO. And what do you fucking know, this year they still accept timed locker codes!

7) There are so abounding glitches with this bold that they REFUSE to fix. The loading awning annihilate & banishment users to bright assets space. 2ksupport believes this isn't an affair but humans can abject their files that way! I absent my amateur earlier this year because of it. 3 maxed out my players I had put money into and my MTO calendar I had put money into as well. 2ksupport banned to accord me any reparation.

I can go on but if you don't get the point by now you're not traveling to regardless.