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Apr-10-2018 Categories: news

TL;DR: I absence the 3v3 approach in 2k16 and 2k17 MyTeam (NBA 2K MT), it was calmly my favourite bold mode, sad they took it out.

So i've been arena the 2Ks for abounding years, and my favourite MyTeam was apparently 2k15. Aback I enjoyed MyTeam and MyCareer so much, I didn't buy 2k16 as I ample I had just as abundant fun on 2k15, and aswell I did not accept the money to spend at the time, so I got 2k16 during the 2016 NBA finals if it was free.

Since this was advancing the end of the 2K Year (with 2k17 due a few months afterwards in September), I didn't feel like cutting out MyCareer or MyTeam, so I resorted to arena a lot of Gauntlet.

For non-2k16 players, it's the aforementioned as MyTeam Blacktop in 2k17, a alternation of 3v3 amateur with one amateur off of your aggregation and 2 about alleged players from the game.

I admired this approach so much, because I could play online with some alarming players in a fun, quick bold that would yield me 5-10 account on average.

In 2k18, this approach was taken out and replaced with the long-awaited Backpack and Playoffs, agnate to a Abstract approach in Fifa or Madden.

As a big fan of Abstract Champs in Madden, I was searching advanced to this approach so abundant just like anybody else, about it didn't Live up to the advertising as players were aswell agitated with the rewards (as per accustomed in 2k18, hours of cutting and OH HERES A GOLD PLAYER FOR YOUR TROUBLES).

I'm animated they've bigger the Backpack n Playoffs approach (adding positional packs instead of accepting ashore with 5 guards and Lou Williams as my center), but the best allotment of 3v3 was the action of it (~5 minute games, new teams every time) as able-bodied as the affairs to get some astounding players to play about with.

If you've apprehend this far I acclaim you, and hopefully you feel the aforementioned way about MyTeam Blacktop/Gauntlet, just capital to bluster and go play some 2k17.

Don't apperceive why it seems like im the abandoned one who in fact brand backpack and playoff im currently in lath 4 and it never acquainted like a bullwork to me.

I admired it if the cards were accordant of cheap NBA 2K18 MT so I could analysis out cards to aces up. Nice to play if you can't attempt in SuperMax though.