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May-08-2018 Categories: news

Calling all Defender archtypes: Hunt Down Artist Brand useless? I accept a 6'9 SF - slashing/defender. This brand is my abandoned HoF, NBA 2K MT and currently I accept it on gold.

I've played abutting to 200 pro am amateur and about a abounding MyCareer season, and maybe had 15 absolute hunt down blocks.

I accept gold Def Stopper and Argent Rim Protector, both maxed. Actuality is my compassionate of if it's activated:

Fast-breaks only,

Your jump has to be timed above-mentioned to the opponents scoring animation.

I get so abounding wiffs. I apperceive if I'm too far abaft the play with no chance, and if I'm alive next to the adversary aural range, in theory. I had a PG bandy an oop to himself and douse over me in a game.

Anyone abroad accept agnate issues?

From my acquaintance its all about bend and timing, behindhand of badge/stats. I about feel as if all the brand does is abatement your adventitious of accepting a abhorrent alarm on the block, but who knows.

I use a 7'0 Ath/Plymk PF with mid 60s acceleration and brownish hunt down and I can consistently get the block, its one of my admired things to do.

I've apparent it alive at any time you are abaft the abhorrent amateur and alive to block them. Has happened abounding times in the bisected court.

I accept the majority of the time it will activate the block if you are abaft them, rarely get the "running with" animations... It sounds banal but try watching some archetypal Lebron hunt downs and abject your timing/ angles off of those.

The brand seems to abatement your adventitious of abuse if traveling for the block on the break. It aswell seems to accord you a bit of a accession to get aback into position if alive aback on the fast break.

I absolutely don't anticipate it gives abundant of a accession in agreement of in fact blocking the brawl on the break, cheap nba 2k19 mt even admitting that is what the analytic affair would be from the description of the badge.