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Oct-09-2017 Categories: news

Shouldn't be scoring that abounding lol but I in actuality adulation how superstar players can boss in NBA 2K. In actuality it happens a lot with opposing AI point guards.

It seems like even on teams like the Cavs or Celtics, area the 1 is not necessarily the aboriginal abhorrent option, the 1 consistently takes the attack on about every possession.

Just afresh i had Kyrie bead 61 on me. sounds absorbing right? except if you annual for the actuality that he took FIFTY FOUR SHOTS TO GET THERE.

If he abandoned 61 on you sounds like you were giving him too abundant space, but recovered to challenge aback you're a animal and AI will not accept the anticipation to apprehend that.

The AI shoots every attack at the end of the attack alarm with no attention for attack selection.

But that's what im saying. i beggarly ofc i had Westbrook affection that bold i.e. slacking off to grab arresting boards to pad my stats but even then, any amateur demography 54 shots in a mycareer bold on 8 minute abode is just fucking asinine.

Edit: downvoted? wtf lmao, 54 shots is 8 added than Kobe took in his 81 point game. not abandoned is 61 on 54 shots angrily inefficient, but should not be accident in a mycareer bold with no OTs that's 16 account beneath than a adjustment game as it is.

Yeah but this is a video bold lol if one of the top scorers in the alliance that has a addiction to iso and aggregate account is accustomed amplitude he's gonna shoot on hof mode.

Curry on amateur adversity pulls up every time you accord him just a clamber of aurora for beneath than a breach added (moving 3s from DEEP!)

He fabricated a agglomeration too. Abandoned at atomic 40 on me every time I played the GSW could could cause I abandoned go for steals. I can abandoned brainstorm back-scratch on HOF.

I led the sixers to a nba championship my amateur year averaging 9 pts and 14 assists a game.

We met GSW in the finals and Buy NBA 2K18 MT got destroyed out by 40 in bold one. Bold two both Back-scratch and Klay went down with bottom injuries. Out 4-6 weeks.