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Jul-14-2017 Categories: news

2k and EA are apparently cat-and-mouse for the new jersey announcements afore assuming off complete footage. Nike is apparently authoritative abiding leaks are captivated off NBA 2K17 MT Coins until they accede the jerseys and are accessible to advertise them. I anticipate this is the best reason why we haven't gotten annihilation yet.

Footage will not appear out (for 2k at-least) until August. 2k could affliction beneath about the jerseys, they will authority complete gameplay footage until the complete endure minute.

How is pre-ordering afterwards any gameplay footage or even a bivouac even allowed?

There should be regulations that stop this, it would force gaming companies to beforehand out bigger antecedent product. I can't acquaint my employer pay me in beforehand for plan that I adeptness do.

Nba 2k18 & No mans sky are acceptable examples of pre-ordering shouldnt be allowed, its crazy man.

You know, I was traveling to say that those are altered situations. The big altercation with NMS was not including appearance they said would be present.

But afresh I realized, yeah, 2k does that too. Where's that underwater esplanade 2k?

How is 2k18 an example? You downvoted because you are a numbskull?

This accomplished altercation was that 2k shouldnt be accustomed to advertise pre-orders afore a bivouac or any array of gameplay is even out...read.(and NMS basically had affected trailers)

I didn't downvote you so no charge to get so angry. And I accept NMS is an example.

But we don't apperceive what 2k will be like/whether the bold will be altered from trailers. So how is it at all agnate to NMS?

It's a altered bearings but basically the aforementioned affair or worse for 2k, they are demography our money afterwards adage nuth, it would be abundant if they said "trailer comes out july 27th!"

Or something like that but they could bead a bivouac like a anniversary afore absolution and we couldnt do nothing, you shouldnt accept the adeptness to be able to do that man.