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NBA 2K - How can you action this

Has anyone noticed added steals? It seems like every time I blow the brawl with my column scorer I'm accepting stripped. I'm seeing playmakers accepting ripped by bigs, it's ridiculous.

Last night the added aggregation had 15 steals and they all came from strips. Bifold aggregation or one on one it doesn't matter, the brawl is advancing out.

It's like I'm in the low column and if I try to canyon it my guy drops it.Yeah, I will not even put the brawl down and they're dabbling it lose.

It's so gay it's so annoying if I try to canyon and I lose it. How can you action this?

If I'm in actuality dribbling, I try to accumulate switching my stance. But if they blow it out afore I put it down, I don't apperceive what to do.

I've begin that if you accessible your canyon agenda as you are about to position yourself in the column (going from 3 to top post) and they are actively traveling for the bash as it gets there, you can bound canyon it aback and about 1/4 times it will pass it out.

It makes me feel like I accept some ascendancy anyways those times I cartel to put the brawl down abreast the bassinet these canicule on HoF.

I play MyTeam alone and I haven't noticed any aberration really. I feel like some humans are just aggravating to acquisition something hidden with this patch.

Trust me in MyPark there is absolutely a difference... MyPark and Aggregation are two altered things to buy NBA 2K18 MT.