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NBA 2K - Grettle Harris had a amazing year

Doesn't it pull that they never developed a high-rated Rudy Gay card? He was in the tournament for the Light red Precious stone and his maximum cards is an ruby of NBA 2K17 MT. Like they could not are earning at least an amethyst with a duo? What do you people think?

Gary Harris had a amazing season and never got a individual moments cards. He's still sporting a silver cards.

That's undesirable. He was one of the most efficent SG's in the group, performed excellent protection and was a significant portion of what finished up being the best violation in the group but he never even got a silver.

The factor about moments credit cards is that you have to have one BIG activity to obtain one.

I can maybe indicate 3 or 4 activities where he really loaded the statistic piece and those we're not nearly as amazing as say a Jokic multiple double which got a new moments cards every time.

No, but he had several 20 factors activities and got 28 factors once as well.

When players like Bogdanovic, Payton and others can get pearl credit cards Harris well earned at the very least a silver, and should have gotten an ruby as well.

Why are refs/coaches thumping into me while I am playing?

Whenever I perform myleague/mycareer the instructors or refs are on the judge. They sometimes prevent me and sometimes I can't get into the area to capture a begin up 3 because the ref is preventing me.

Is that occuring to anyone else?

Lost a activity because the ref set a select on me at 50 percent judge and remaining Kyrie begin for three.

It's even more intense in Pro-Am. On fast smashes if I'm following I'll try to area the floor and go to the area, only to hit a stone wall that's a umpire.

And I really like how your gamer requires an hour to just get Cheap NBA 2K MT Coins by them.