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NBA 2K - Got a acceptable job in 2K

I've got a acceptable job, no kids, no vices. Affluence of disposable income, and I adore MyTeam, architecture teams, aperture packs and all that. I've spent several hundred (could be over a thousand, who knows?), NBA 2K18 MT and would accept no botheration spending hundreds more.

Tonight, I spent over 900k VC on Gamebreakers. I pulled 4 Christies and 2 Richardsons. That's it. That's not ok.

2k assuredly did it. The backpack allowance accept been abominable all year, but you apperceive what you're accepting into if you buy. You're never affirmed anything. But to absorb 900 effing thousand VC and to cull six Rubies that advertise for 2k anniversary is insane.

2k angry an EASY paying customer, anyone they could milk for a hundred dollars every week, and angry me off to the abstraction of anytime spending accession added penny on this game.

The acumen this bold is never accepting bigger is because for anybody like you, there are bags that absorb the aforementioned if not more. 2K will accumulate developing to those who absorb the a lot of money, and it's sad that you alone affliction now afterwards you've spent bags of dollars, and not even because you affliction for others, because you're sad you didn't cull anything.

Think about it added deeply. If humans don't buy VC/packs, in the abbreviate term, afresh those of us who don't absorb money don't get balance account to buy/use/flip in the AH.

And, in the continued run, I agnosticism 2K throws the aforementioned akin of (admittedly, underwhelming) time and activity into the mode. They just abate what is already too little and the approach is worse.

Those of us who don't buy VC should acknowledge those who do, because they angel what we get.

If humans don't buy VC/packs, and the AH becomes useless, afresh MyTeam stops accepting a acceptable bold mode. This agency added accident of sales for 2K if one of their capital modes turns to shit. So, in turn, they'll accept to abate backpack costs, so its fair and according for everyone.

The alone acumen 2K's accomplishment adapted now is underwhelming is because humans like OP absorb obsene amounts of money to validate that affectionate of effort. If they chock-full paying, 2K18 Coins afresh 2K will accept to put in accomplishment or abroad they will not advertise the game.

Right now they don't affliction about how abounding humans like it, they just advance for the 1% because that's area they get their money.