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Mar-01-2017 Categories: news

I don't get how EA can accept 40+ humans in on a BF1 game, no issues WHAT SO EVER.But 2K can almost allay two 2 individuals in an online game.

Because 2k doesn't accord a fuck. They absorb so little 2K17 MT on servers. Humans are traveling to absorb money on VC either way.Their Servers accept been like this for over bisected a decade.

It will not change if humans accumulate affairs VC by the barter bulk either.And EA still can't accept a no lag FIFA bender amid 2 people.

Fifa isn't that bad. Lag outs do appear on fifa but bisected the time it ends up draw. Atleast they do accepted aliment to accomplish it Attending like they accord a shit.

Maybe I'm amiss but if it's a 1v1 bold (not the park) isn't one of the humans hosting the server? 2K's servers are still bits but I anticipate comparing a committed BF1 server vs. some accidental accepting hosting the server isn't fair.

I wasn't even angry. I was just afraid that it in actuality happened. Because the bold was laggy a little in the average and I bethink cerebration to myself wouldn't it be funny if I got lagged out with like 1 additional remaining, and afresh it actually happened. God absolve 2K servers.

I in actuality got a accident beforehand today afterwards commutual and acceptable the abounding game. Afterwards the bold it showed my new almanac of 6-1 and afresh went to the awning afterwards that which you can accept box score, aggregation comparison, etc...I hit abdicate and as soon as I did that I got the aforementioned error...

Kicked me absolutely out to the capital card and if I went aback in my almanac was now 5-2. I'm so acclimated to this bits at this point I wasn't even mad.

What works for me is to just bethink that in 6 months you will no botheration with this anytime occuring NBA 2K17 MT Coins and it will just something that happened.

I affirm this happened to me with beneath a minute larboard in the 4th and I was up like 10-12 points. I don't anticipate I affected MTO since.