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Mar-08-2017 Categories: news

If you are on XB1 I would candidly just uninstall/reinstall. That'll fix it no problem. There are some added methods you can try 2K MT Coins (going offline and loading in and afresh traveling aback online) but the uninstall/reinstall works every individual time afterwards fail.

Getting ashore at the logos awning is one thing. But if you can't even get the adventurous to start, uninstalling has been the abandoned affair that has formed for me consistently.

Go to settings afresh to arrangement hit go offline afresh restart 2k and afresh you can reconnect to network,if that doesn't plan afresh just authority your Xbox' ability button for 10-12 abnormal until it turns off, afresh adjournment like 20 abnormal so it has time to arctic out afresh about-face aback on.

I did this bygone but I've been ashore on the retrieving abstracts awning for about 4 hours. Any advice?

Unplug your Xbox ability bond for a few annual and afresh bung it aback in and amount the adventurous aback up, you'll be fine. That happened to me once.

I got fed up and hit cancel. Am I screwed?No, there's several fixes like just play blacktop for a while, try axis Xbox to offline or bright assets again. If all fails just reinstall, your save amateur are on cloud.

No allegation to reinstall it. Just annul your contour from the xbox. Careful not to annul it completely, just annul from the console. Already thats done just assurance aback in with your email/password and it should plan accomplished afterwards that NBA 2K17 MT.