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NBA 2K - Get Ronnie 2K fired

Is there annihilation we can do as a association to get Ronnie 2k fired, NBA 2K17 MT Coins and accept added issues appropriately addressed? Does anyone accept acquaintance organising ample calibration user-base protests?

I anticipate it's brainless at this point to anticipate 2k will do annihilation about acclimation all of the able-bodied accepted issues with the game. On top of that, Ronnie 2k has just Maddened the fan-base already afresh with his "rubber banding" tweet.

Of all of the articles that I am a chump and/or chump of, the chump acquaintance as a NBA 2k amateur is by far the affliction I've had. I apperceive own a lot of of you feel the aforementioned way. 75% of this sub is just complaints and affection requests.

We should do something about this. I accept no acquaintance organising annihilation like this, but would be blessed to admonition area I can.

I do affiliation advancement for NGOs, about you charge some kinda alignment abaft this but it's achievable even afterwards one. Step one is consistently accepting abundant absorption from account media and accordant stakeholders.

Really basically put, we ability ambition to ambition some humans who would be absorbed in accoutrement belief about the abhorrent business practices that 2K has been affairs over it's community. But we can't absolutely witch coursing Ronnie2K, admitting I can brainstorm the backfire will by itself activity over time.

Here's what I suggest, if we wanna do this. Ambition affecting media that doesn't charge as abounding channels to jump through. Usually what this agency is a accumulation bulletin appear assertive channels on youtube who accept amplitude over this affectionate of thing. So for example, The Jimquisition, Totalbiscuit, etc.

Another one that ability be absorbed are humans who are already criticising 2K who accept a lot of user power, for archetype Agent00 comes to apperception for me. He is analytical of 2K's practices and extensive out to associates of Youtube commmunity like Agent will accord a huge addition in validity. This is abnormally important aback some absolute 2K flat associates in fact watch his content, and he has admission to some added Youtubers who may be accommodating to do the aforementioned thing.

Afterwards, it's about advancement admission and talking to others to beforehand awareness. Negative PR will force a lot of bold companies to accomplish changes, but we accept to accept a ambition in mind.

Otherwise these issues are just traveling to be handled through PR and there are no bound goals for our course. So for example:

1,No microtransactions for MyCareer

2,50% Reduced VC costs for MyTeam packs

3,etc. etc.

You broadcast a statement, and you get a aggregation to beforehand it. Aback reddit is already a lath for agreeing association members. I'd beforehand we alpha by appointment the bulletin to added subreddits, like /r/Games and the like.

But that's my 2 cents, absolutely absorbed to see if humans ambition to yield action.