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Jul-08-2017 Categories: news

2K has had a bad record of feet growing and cross-over techniques in common.

The fundamentals of dribbling a basketball is actually, combination to your Left, phase with your remaining feet ; Cross to your Right, Step with your Right feet.

Now this is the aspect where everyone gets puzzled and Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Coins begin contacting journey and bring and some more BS...

Which ever feet are on to the floor when your part grabs the soccer , you get 2 actions to go in any route. You must then release the soccer before your 2nd phase comes off the floor. You then have 3 options*ex. Crossover to my remaining, soccer is in my left-hand and Left feet are on to the floor. My next actions are R then L Option1: combination, take 2 actions Jumpshot Option2: combination, take 2 actions Pass Option3: combination, take 2 actions combination back(AI combination on MJ)

This is also where the Hesi lives , within these 2 steps.

Now if 2K can get this concept right they would be able to duplicate Wayne solidifies Cross into the Western Step, take a phase back again and Step currys Hesi.

Everyone believes it's a journey but it's not!!

He goes across and grabs the soccer R/L affiliate with the opposite feet, and then requires his 2 Western actions. Which isn't the traditional Western so it looks wierd Kyrie is a expert of footwork. His select n move flows are really precise.

We can't use this course in 2K!

All in all 2k doesn't have this concept and would rather let the cube move for getting previous your man. They also don't comprehend modify of rate and getting your man to change his waist.

Does anyone believe me?

Everyone refer to this as activity damaged because they are basically not knowing the activity techniques. Just because you cant win quickly in 2k16 does not imply this activity is garbarage.

The activity isn't rubbish. It's just not precise or genuine. It's Fun that's all.