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NBA 2K - Emerald Historic Nets Jianlian Yi

news Jan-20-2017

NBA 2K - Emerald Historic Nets Jianlian Yi

To those of you who accept him and accept played him, you already apperceive

that Emerald Historic Nets Jianlian Yi is a Ruby masquerading as an Emerald.

Okay,NBA 2K18 MT maybe a Sapphire (a top Sapphire!).

Anyway, for those of you who acknowledge the different abilities of Kristaps

Porzingis, you should analysis out Yi. Not just as an alternate, but to play as

a frontcourt tandem.

Yi is 3" beneath than Zingis and, admitting that, not as acceptable in

speed/accel/vertical. Doesn't accept Zingis's continuing or active dunk, and is

aswell not absolutely as acceptable a shooter. And is -10 in Offensive

Bendability (75).

But he has hardly bigger Brawl Control, is +22 in Acceleration With Brawl

(69), +6 Stamina, and a huge +30 in Strength (65). With his agnate Block/Contest

ratings (87/80), the 65 Strength makes him, perhaps, a bigger autogenous

defender. He's in actuality maybe a hardly bigger ambit apostle with +4 in Lat

Action (73). And he comes with one brand (Bronze Catch & Shoot) admitting

Zingis comes with none. So 4 max badges instead of 3.

Across the board, they're added agnate than dissimilar. Tall guys with speed,

crabbed quickness, and cutting that is not archetypal for the height. Both

accept poor Defensive IQ, but accept the raw adeptness to be acceptable

defenders if manually controlled. And both even accept applicable column


Perhaps the a lot of important acumen is Yi's cutting form. It's absolutely

not fast but aswell not decidedly slow. And it's a absolutely nice, smooth,

linear-paced achievement that is simple to time. Porzingis's is not bad, but not

as smooth, for me.

(For what it's worth, Yi has 3218 Attribute Credibility to Porzingis's 3161.

And Yi's Potential and Intangibles are lower, at 81 and 85. Porzingis at 88 and


Yi is cheap. He seems to accept alone in abundant quantity, like Emerald

Majerle did. But his name in the annal is glitched, so you can't seek for him by

name in AH search. Instead of application name, bite in:

Power Advanced + Emerald + Historic + Nets

And you'll see him and Kris Humphries. But don't get Kris Humphries.

I don't apperceive annihilation about Sun, but by 2K logic, if there were a

Wang Zhizhi in this year's game, they adeptness accomplish him appealing decent.

Accomplish him apathetic as hell,Buy NBA 2K MT with a acceptable 3-point attempt and top