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NBA 2K - Do you appointment the White Abode in 2k17

Do you appointment the White Abode in 2k17 if you win the finals? Haven't got far abounding in myCareer to analysis for myself, but I apperceive this has been a connected in myCareer for years now.

I'm allurement because I'm analytical if they accept to cover it in 2k18 this year. Afterwards the seasons over you don't absolutely do abounding besides adjudge if you ambition to about-face teams.

Don't overlook the accolade commemoration for your aboriginal home bold afterwards you win the championship.

It's abominable though. Adam argent gives you the bays and the articulation work, camera work, and aggregate about it is just bad.

The army is Jusy continuing there, no one is even searching at breadth they should be. Anybody is searching in absolutely altered directions. It's not astute at all, just like the blow of the game.

Lmao bits feels like a boilerplate academy feast and you got an accolade for "most potential" or some shit.

Bad cutscenes? bad articulation and camera work? bad anything-that-isnt-playing-basketball? from 2k? Who would've thought.

I got a argument from Trump appropriate afterwards I won the address adage a few guys are accepting calm at the White Abode afterwards and if I capital to go but I said no because I wasn't a 95 yet and bare the convenance so idk if there's a cut arena for it.

I'll do it on my division now and see what happens.

I was cerebration about all the trump supporters that would get pissed at 2k politicizing something like this but afresh I remembered the ones that would accomplish a fetor allegedly don't watch basketball.

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