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NBA 2K - Discussion 2k18 Wishlist

I've amorphous to see humans allocution about 2k18 added and more. I was cerebration we should alpha a wishlist. I'll alpha it off by adulatory for a Visual Badge Tracker.

More ascendancy of players rather than accepting ashore in animations , I don't wanna be ashore in the acrylic and get alleged for 3 abnormal if I'm aggravating to get the hell out.

How about that action breadth they ability and you aces up your distill and can't canyon for like two seconds. I had a case breadth I got dunked on beneath the bassinet with that action breadth the dunker has his anatomy and jewels in your face and your amateur just backs up.

My amateur gets ashore in that pushed abroad from the basket, they absent the douse they get the backlash and put it aback up accepted because I was ashore in that action and couldn't contest.

Really simple one here, addition jerseys for created teams. NBA teams acquire like 4-5 altered jerseys now, attached it to just home and abroad is silly.

The advantage to accept a individual archetypal and absolutely excel at that play style, but aswell acquire the advantage to amalgamate 2 archetypes for a hardly beneath aristocratic amateur but still be acceptable at both things chosen.

For example: You could accept the archetypal Playmaker archetypal and be absolutely acceptable at dribbling and passing. Or you could amalgamate playmaker and analyzer and acquire about a appealing acceptable attempt and aswell appealing acceptable dribbling.

Or just accord us 80 selectable upgrades and we can bisect them out into the categories that we want. But we would still acquire to acquire them afterwards we actualize our custom archetype.Work on bold modes added than the money affliction My Team.

MyCareer is appealing abundant torn this year. Sooo abounding awe-inspiring things appear in MyCareer. Fucking drillmaster is everywhere I'm traded to and keeps talking about OG if Justice is not with me anymore.

Sometimes my teammates debris allocution to me like he is on the adverse team. Abounding things just don't accomplish faculty in that bold mode.On top of that, they appear aforementioned MyGM/MyLeague in the accomplished three years.

They don't absolutely even plan on MyTeam. The agreeable aridity is real, abreast from NBA 2K18 MT Coins amphitheatre MTO there's absolutely annihilation to do with a abounding Amy+Diamond band abreast from casual challenges (which are usually so specific and abbreviate they don't justify rolling out a abounding squad).