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NBA 2K - Design Dikembe Mutombo

news Jan-17-2017

NBA 2K - Design Dikembe Mutombo

First off let me explain how I use him I run my aces n cycle with him

appropriately ambience him up for dunks in the paint.

Strengths -

Athletic adeptness and not even his dispatch which is nice at 74 but what

absolutely makes it is his crabbed activity at 80 he in actuality flys about on

aegis and with his badges he gets so abounding blocks/contests.

Free bandy - the actuality that I can be assured that if you abhorrent him he

can accomplish his chargeless throws for the a lot of allotment is acutely

attainable because of how bound his is offensively

Dunk Animations - I run design shaq off the bank and he dunks on humans about

the aforementioned way shaq does acutely he doesn't accomplishment as abounding

of them as shaq does but I've had assorted dunks area its on 2 or added humans

adulation that part.

Offensive Glass - he is a monster he averages at atomic 2-3 abhorrent

rebounds a bold he is just all over the abode but it in actuality helps that he

deceit shoot because he never absolutely leaves the acrylic so he is

consistently about the rim

Weaknesses -

Post Moves - He can alone do a column angle now even admitting its a 94 its

just acutely anticipated it just makes it so abundant easier to stop if he's one


Defensive airy - I apperceive this sounds impaired and searching at the stats

you wouldn't anticipate so but idk why he just gives up abhorrent rebounds way

added again shaq and drob do its the breach just seems to be able to get out of

his boxout added

Stamina - Even admitting i accord him a shoe that increases it by 9 (only has

85) he still seems to get annoyed faster again all my added players I accept

noticed it over all the amateur just seemed awe-inspiring

Overall to me this agenda is amazing for how I use him what I adulation too

is he can bouncer point guards to an admeasurement lol with 80 crabbed activity

and his acme he is just one of those players for me who just makes plays all the

time whether is be a hunt down block or douse on 3 humans I awful acclaim this


Just my 2 cents of NBA 2K18 MT, he may get annoyed faster because you may be active a

appropriate bulk aback he has acceptable dispatch and crabbed activity.

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