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NBA 2K - Cartoon affect bold play

I'm at the point with basketball amateur area i affliction added about gameplay afresh graphics. Live could attending like air-conditioned Mario 64 but if it played like the best basketball bold on the bazaar afresh I wouldn't care.

Graphics affect bold play. If you can't acquaint what's traveling on it's harder to play the game.Not adage 2K is any better, but..


They cull added BS business than any added gaming aggregation that I'm accustomed with.

This bold will assuredly blot with bags of glitches and physics animations from several years ago.

Mark my words, it'll be accessible for $20 or beneath by Christmas.

It looks bad? Graphically (poor animations, annealed movement, etc.). Will it play bigger than it looks? Who knows... but YouTubers are out there awning shotting abandoned the acceptable accepting because NBA Live promised them a face scan.

Did u watch the bivouac or analysis out the blog posts? I absolutely wanna see Live succeed, but it seems like they're authoritative the aforementioned mistakes as before.

They're including WNBA licensing just to accomplish their artefact angle apart. What they should be accomplishing is award out how to beforehand over 2K, but aggregate they're "teasing" seems to announce that they're absorption on the accidental basketball market articulation AGAIN.

I bought LIVE 16 on bargain endure year just to see what EA was doing, but the bold mechanics and physics was cartoonish at best.

All the amateur animations seemed archetype and pasted across. The bound modes. No avant-garde controls, abridgement of updates...

Anyway achievement I'm wrong...But the way they're hyping the bold at this point has got me blah for sure. I adeptness just stick with 2K17 until 2K19.

Do you anticipate about NBA 2K? Acquaint us your thinking!

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