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Mar-29-2017 Categories: news

By 2K acquisitive logic, there's little acumen to do this, as there's alone two teams larboard to absolution as TBT teams. But maybe they plan to do a copy of TBT and NBA 2K18 MT Coins, if so, they could advertise a hell of a lot added of those packs if they were to goose the Celebrated Design Rewards to an adapted akin that at atomic comes aural spitting ambit of the Precious stones that are now packable in Themes.

The ratings are fine. They anchored that affair with that endure annular of boosts.

But the badging. The badging is crap. In every account possible. Let's yield Celebrated Pacers Design Accolade Ron Artest as an example...

1,Only comes with 4 approved badges, if packable Precious stones are now accepting about 19 or more.

2,No HoF badges, if packable Precious stones get at atomic 1. At atomic 2 with the Bold Breakers theme. Artest shouldn't get added than 1, but he should get 1 and it should be HoF Arresting Stopper.

3,Really poor personality badging, if the packable Precious stones get optimal personality badging. Again, Artest doesn't in actuality deserve, say, Clutch Performer, but alternating with his Enforcer, he does deserve Arresting Anchor and apparently Hardened. Maybe Heart & Soul and Road Dog, aback he was accommodating to yield on the complete Palace that one time. Like...Everyone in the Palace.

Even admitting the bazaar has adapted to the underwhelming attributes of these Celebrated Diamonds, so that they're in actuality bargain to get, they're still bad bargains if about compared to the Accident Precious stones that were acclimated to goose sales of the TBT packs.

I don't wish to play in a bold apple in which prime Artest and prime Moncrief do not accept HoF Arresting Stopper and Arresting Anchor.

I don't wish to play in a bold apple in which Kenyon Martin has bigger badging than ambiguous and accepted Hall of Famers, abundant beneath fantasy-boosted scrubs like Jimmer Fredette and Tyler Hansbrough.

Make it happen. Don't let this grave abuse stand.

As the appreciative buyer of 4 celebrated accumulating awards, I accede with this wholeheartedly. BUT 2k mentioned in a beck that they can not add badges to absolute players that could be obtained. There is in actuality annihilation they can do about it.

I was apprehensive about that. I remember, endure year, they could add badges to cards already in players' collections, and did so.

I'm a little agnostic that it's not possible, admitting I wouldn't be afraid if they abominably afflicted the way things plan so that such a change is not possible.