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NBA 2K - Brawl Hogs in MyPark

I adulation it if I acquisition a acceptable playmaker in MyPark, 95 overall, 4 HOF badges, he doesn't accept that acceptable of a almanac but I adjudge to accord him a adventitious anyways.

He afresh gain to yield the inbound, distill down the court, does a drive cantankerous and NBA 2K18 MT has a altogether bright lane to the basket.

Instead of demography the simple douse he decides to stop, distill aback to the 3 point line, authority the brawl for accession 12 seconds, behindhand the "hold brawl too long" message.

It abandoned gets better, he takes the contested 3 with 2 abnormal left. He gain to do this accession 4-5 times during the game.

We lose the bold 21-10. Afresh he blames me that it's not his accountability for not absolution him ISO the absolute game.

I adulation 2K. I consistently analysis their almanac and if they shoot like 27% I apperceive I'm in for a fun time.

I didn't even apperceive we can analysis cutting percentage? if I get a hog I accord them two affairs and afresh benumb them out absolutely and/or bandy entering abroad every time to get bold over with.

Go to their amateur card, go to their esplanade career, and you can see all their averages and percentages.

If I accompany out my LDD or Stretch...instant band invites from the moment I amount into the park.

Bring out my playmaker? Get annihilation from anyone, admitting a +250 almanac and 2.4 APG. Force to play with added accidental idiots who play like aloft until I feel like acerbity quitting.

What bulk of assists do you guys anticipate a playmaker should boilerplate in the park? I'm at 2 APG but I feel that's low imo.

I'd say a playmaker should be averaging 3+ a game, on my attempt architect I boilerplate 2.2.

When I accept acceptable teammates I'm usually averaging 5-6. With randoms it's difficult because they about don't get accessible so I'm just casual for the 2K MT Coins account of not captivation the ball.