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NBA 2K - Begin a bug on NBA 2K

Found a bug on NBA 2K...NBA 2K17 MT And it's something annoying taken to the maximum.

So I'm on MyCareer 5th year, won aboriginal year accepting drafted by Minnesota, afresh won two with Miami and one with Cavs and now I went aback NY (back as a bulk of speech, aback Freq is from NY).

Either the drillmaster is backward or I don't know, every individual time, EVERY SINGLE TIME, I alarm for a pick, run about the aces baseline to do a baseline reverse, TIMEOUT!

Timeouts are already INCREDIBLY annoying, you should be able to about-face those off, but if you do what I just explained above, HE WILL CALL TIMEOUT EVERY SINGLE TIME and I accept to watch my appearance accomplishment the baskett during a timeout.

"Ok that's stupid". No, HE CALLS IT EVERY SINGLE TIME, AS IN, IF YOU CONSTANTLY DO IT, HE WILL GET A TECHNICAL, EVERY, SINGLE, TIME. Even if you're out of timeouts THE COACH STILL DOES, it's actively the dumbest affair I've apparent on 2K16, and aback I don't like 2k17 because all the "grab the bag" admit accidental adventure with characters I don't accord a applesauce about "come aback home, put down the bag, aces up the bag" BS I just can't angle 2k17 MyCareer, and now I realize I can't even drive baseline on 2k16.

Get your bits calm for 2018 2K games, angelic crap.

And I've been accepting this a lot lately. Not necessarily abounding cloister bold winners, but in myteam and myleague adjoin the CPU 30 bottom contested attack alarm cheese and these bisected and abounding cloister division catastrophe bombs. Makes no sense.

I adulation how the camera panned to MJ and he was like, "Well, fuck man that's it for me."

2k gets bits on a lot but analysis the affect on these players afterwards this cord of events! I beggarly attending at Kimba afterwards McConnell drills that shot!

Yea i know, just not so abundant in the NBA. If it does appear on the NBA it's usually anyone like Steph Curry not some Jabroni C-Tier PG.

If a 12 year old can do it any nba amateur can Buy 2K MT Coins. Doesn't beggarly it'll be accepted but it's absolutely possible.