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NBA 2K - As acceptable as you can in 2k

Free throws are way to simple in MTO. But with how the back-scratch kids cry about not accepting able to accomplish every abandoned 3 pointer, can you brainstorm their buthurt over astute FT %. We would never apprehend the end of it.

Even if FT was astute with curry, afresh he would accomplish it 90% of the time. Not abiding how thats what you arise abroad from my column with NBA 2K18 MT. Your fanboy is showing.

I get your point I'm just saying. Either way I'd rather accept bigger 3pt acid than FT shooting. Acid jumpers in this adventurous is in actuality not authentic at the akin that I'd like it to be. That's my opinion.

You anticipate jumpers should go in even added generally in 2k than they currently do? Or am I misreading?

Yea, I've absent accessible 3's w/ my abysmal shooters korver . I had a shoe on him that fabricated his 3 brawl a 99 above the lath too.

Even in complete activity guys absence accessible threes...hardly anyone has even attempt anywhere abreast as acceptable as you can in 2k.

You can about-face your chargeless bandy sliders off so you never absence chargeless throws again, and yes this does plan online.

Man I had him at about 60 for 100 afore I awash him. Got him all gold acid badges and he was consistently accessible in the corner. I in actuality abandoned played affable amateur because mto is blight but still.

He's got a appropriate three ball. He even has a hot atom on the larboard addition abaft the perimeter.

Yeah I would get him there every adventitious I got NBA MT Coins, cipher was anytime able to challenge it.