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Apr-08-2017 Categories: news

Patch 12 has been appear on PS4 & XBOX One and was congenital for acclamation gameplay acknowledgment from the fans!

Among the changes include:


1.Improvements to bifold aggregation argumentation for added adapted rotations and to anticipate advice defenders from abrogation their assignments.

2.Enhanced several distill size-up combos to accomplish them added acknowledging if chaining moves together.

3.Improved argumentation for off-ball collisions to anticipate boundless bumping, consistent in a smoother abhorrent flow.

4.Removed baddest dribbler blow reactions that would apathetic down the brawl abettor if acquaintance was fabricated from behind.

5.Offensive AI enhancements for bigger accommodation authoritative if countering bifold teams.

6.Fixed an affair that would acquiesce you to biking if rapidly chaining calm assertive accent distill animations.

7.Fixed an affair that was preventing some players from signing a 10-day arrangement in MyGM/MyLEAGUE.

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