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NBA 2K - Affairs 2k18 Is OK

I accept been a massive fan anytime aback 2k11, but for the aboriginal time in 6 years I will not be affairs 2k18(NBA 2K18 MT).

Every time I accessible up the bold and try to play, there is about a 50% adventitious that I will in actuality be able to play. My bold either gets ashore on the logo screen, the loading Paul George screen, or just goes to a complete atramentous awning whenever I try to alpha a game.

These 3 are just a few of the abounding issues I accept encountered that accept not accustomed me to play the game. Never accept I anytime played a video bold in my activity area it has been such a action over whether the bold would plan or not. And then, even if you do alpha a game, you get the badly abhorrent UPDATE REQUIRED bulletin in the basal larboard that will not go abroad until you aback out of the game!

Who anticipation this was a acceptable idea????? It is bright that 2K's accomplishment is into authoritative new MyTeam accepting (gotta get that $ right?) and impaired online Pro Am accepting and not into in actuality authoritative the bold playable.

For the accomplished 3 months I accept spent approx. 30-40% of my 2K acquaintance Googling fixes to these assorted problems. It is in actuality unacceptable that a bold this accepted has so abounding issues that accomplish the bold unplayable.

Really because affairs NBA Live. I heard it sucks but at atomic I ability be able to in actuality play it.

I capital to play a little mycareer afterwards not arena it for a while. Afterwards a 5-10 minute in bold update, im currently ashore in the my career loading awning with the badges at 96%. Its been 15 minutes.

I feel and accede your affliction but I can about agreement nba Live will be a worse acquaintance for you.

I'm traveling to buy it not because I anticipate Live will be bigger but I'm acquisitive like myself that others buy it instead in adjustment to advanced a bulletin to 2K MT Coins to get their bits together.