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NBA 2K - Accomplished bulk of credibility in 2K

Highest bulk of credibility you've denticulate in a bold with what amateur in any mode. I denticulate 68 credibility adjoin the Cavs in Bold 7 of the NBA Finals in MyLeague with Jimmy Butler and I played the complete bold (quarters were 7 minutes).

My additional is with Jimmy Butler afresh in the aforementioned Finals alternation but in Bold 1, 60 points. In 2K15 on mycareer with 12 minute abode I abandoned 96 and NBA 2K18 MT Coins was benched for 6 minutes.

Since 2K12 I try to bead 101pts on the endure approved division bold of my amateur year in MyCareer (I play every game, no sims)

As far as MyTeam, this year I abandoned 63 with Amy JR in 18mins in a Hist Dom game.

In 2k14 I abandoned 114 credibility with my PG in a playoff bold because I got 5 turnovers in the aboriginal quarter.

I just absitively to stop passing. It was my abandoned 100+ point bold anytime and I've acquainted bedraggled about it anytime since. I'm one of the humans that in fact enjoys accepting assists.

For me, MyPlayer doesn't count, but still i denticulate 80 with him, in 2k16 vs Charlotte.

I play MyLeague mostly, so i'll say that my bigger adeptness is the 50 credibility i denticulate with a 35 year old Carmelo Anthony (Dallas MyLeague) in the West Finals vs the Wolves.

We were down 3-2, an abolishment bold in Dallas, he adored us, and we went forth to win the accomplished thing.

101 point quadruple bifold in my career. I chock-full at 101 because it would accept agitated me if i captivated the a lot of credibility in a bold almanac with a awe-inspiring accidental number.

I had Karl-Anthony Towns on my Bulls aggregation in a astute myLeague. MVP division he abandoned 77 on the Wizards.

I've denticulate in the nineties about 5 or 6 times (been arena my career aback 2k13) but the accomplished was 97 adjoin the lebron calefaction lmao mario chalmers got scorched.

130 in MyCareer adjoin the Nets. This was 2k16, 12 minute quarters, Hall of Fame, and simulation sliders. I had a 7'3 central center, and they kept putting Thomas Robinson on me. Just dunked over him all game.