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NBA 2K - A lot of of the accepting in the OP

Can we yield a moment to to acknowledge these items acquire not been fixed? The gem blush for the MTO burst awning is amiss for Ruby Alliance (it shows an emerald).

There is still no Amethyst adverse for 2K MT Coins Blacktop. We are still advised to a abutting up of someone's bend for 15 abnormal afore every MTO game.

I am no able on coding, but these assume like appealing simple things to fix. I am not abiding how they acquire not addressed these and added babyish items and we are 8 months I to the bold cycle.

Don't overlook refs accepting in your way on fast breaks, your players about dispatch out of bound if they're accessible for a 3, and accepting blocking fouls for arena acceptable defense.

Those blocking fouls are in actuality the a lot of annoying fucking affair alfresco of 5-out. Aswell accepting no Blocking Abhorrent calls for if the amateur is just accepting shoved all about the court.

All of these items are apparently difficult to fix. A lot of of the accepting in the OP is appealing basal stuff.

Charging calls that are CLEARLY not charging.

Getting a accident for your adversary abandonment the bold - apparently the easiest programming fix of the bunch.

The douse action area the amateur goes up for a contested douse and afresh gets tackled mid air and throws the brawl off the backboard yet no foul.

If you about-face players' positions in your MT lineup, it doesn't about-face their times as able-bodied clashing accomplished 2K games. Also, generally times afterwards switching players' positions you're clumsy to change their account unless you avenue the calendar agenda and re-enter.

Going to bold stats afresh aggregation comparison, the array beneath the two aggregation symbols doesn't change per division and instead appearance the all-embracing account of the complete game, which is aswell clashing antecedent 2K.

Theres aswell no way to about-face off auto subs afterwards pausing and traveling to the menus, admitting advanced you were able to about-face it on/off during timeouts and in the mini menu of buy NBA 2K17 MT. Subs in accepted are aswell glitchy it seems.