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Mar-21-2017 Categories: news

The guy who's with Ronnie(LD2K I think?) on the beck appropriate now just said that the annual challenges will end on April 21st and afresh quote: "A acceptable block or maybe all will be re-released then."

This needs added upvotes, I candidly dont apperceive why its not the top affair on this subreddit at the moment, im alone on kevin johnson 2 tokens in, but acquire appear to apprehend that 1 "weeks annual of challenges" is alone about 1 hour of game play.

So This agency that if they re-release them all in one accumulation afterwards April 21st, every 5 hours of challenges that anyone does (if they are atleast accomplished the cooper at this point) will be accepting an amy and every 5 hours afterwards that annual of challenges will be accepting a diamond.

Coming from anyone that grinded for the kareem, and didnt alpha till afterwards they had all been appear in backward may endure year. This is so amazing for 2k to do. I accept they get a lot of $.25 for altered things they do, but from someone that does put a few $s in the bold actuality and there i still adulation if i can get a chargeless agenda just for arena a few solos.

Turn on some tv shows or youtube videos on your laptop and bullwork through these challenges this is 2 chargeless precious stones and 2 chargeless pd we are talking about people...stop crumbling time accounting in a cipher and aggravating to be faster afresh anybody else, just adapt for April 22nd and acquisition some acceptable music or podcasts or tv shows to watch while u bullwork through some games.

I forgot all about the RTTF bullwork for Kareem endure year lol. Accept like as anon as ppl apart his 97 ovr agenda through the challenges, a 99 ovr kareem was appear that humans get by affairs vc and aperture packs. Acceptable ol' 2K.

1 weeks challenges 5 solos 1 - moments (normally a quarter) 2 - moments (normally a half) 2 - abounding amateur (4 abode obv) 33 tokens bare to accretion all cards (1 saph, 1 ruby, 1 amy, 2 diamonds, 2 blush diamonds) 33 quarters, 66 halfs, 66 full games, 429 Abode (35 hours 45mins) (JUST GAME PLAY) *not counting time stoppages for timeouts and freethrows and asleep balls.

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