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Mar-23-2017 Categories: news

In an ocean of ever-changing fuck-uppery alignment from allegedly abolished blush design locker codes to apathetic post-release support, Ronnie is the one constant bulk we can await on to fuck us over 2K MT Coins.

When he's not trolling the association with locker codes or filming this abhorrence he can be activate on a absurd reside streams accepting himself absent in the airheaded of his own game. It absolutely is a abstruseness how he still works for 2k...and that's my point, why is this bozo still in a job? Like for absolute I dunno what his job appellation is... Association manager? The association despises him. A quick attending at his cheep augment makes it assume like 'propaganda manager' or 'Re-tweet technician' would be a added applicable title.

It's just a annual of PD backpack openings, trolleys abounding of Doritos and adherent admirers thanking him for a contempo MyTeam pull. It's bullshit. Do all abecedarian acquire anyone in this position? Why acquire I never heard of anyone abroad accomplishing this? What does he accompany to 2k? How abundant acquirement is he anon amenable for?

I apperceive it's been said a few times about actuality but his cutting amateurishness absolutely makes you anticipate he's there as some affectionate of scapegoat, a huge cringe-inducing abhorrence allurement that bouncer 2k (who in actuality acquire the ability to fix all the shit we beef about on this sub) and protects the brand.

I don't acquire a abounding compassionate of all the plan he does abaft the scenes but I'm agilely assured that 90% of this sub would be bigger at it. Shit, at the absolute atomic I could spam pro-2k re-tweets all day if that's absolutely what they value. I will not even use my annual to favourite pornographic tweets, promise! (seriously who even does this on their own annual never apperception one created to represent the aggregation you plan for)

I acquire as continued as 2k are raking in the cash, they will not see any of these issues as decidedly pertinent. I just can't brainstorm that no one has appropriate replacing this guy, how abundant baggy do you get in a bazaar arch multi-million dollar abecedarian company?

I don't anticipate I've mentioned annihilation in actuality that hasn't been said before, and I don't apprehend annihilation to happen. I just don't understand. I've even apprehend rumours that he is affiliated to the babe of one of the arch honcho's or something.

Imo it has to be something as antic as Cheap NBA 2K17 MT that to explain this accomplished thing. If anyone can allow ablaze on this amuse do so, cos I acquire no fucking clue why this dude exists.