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NBA 2K - A 14 year old point bouncer popped up

I was just accomplishing a lakers apple-pie if a 14 year old point bouncer popped up NBA 2K17 MT. He's 5'9, 110 pounds and he's a 67 overall. Is this a annihilate or just actual rare?

Edit: Pics in the comments

Update: Luke is a Accomplish a Ambition kid who was put into the game. Acknowledgment to anybody in the comments for the info. Now to cheese for two decades with this kids OP cutting stats.

I anticipate it was either a claiming or a 'MakeAWish' blazon book that got that kid into the game.They're hosting a kid from Accomplish a Ambition today. Edit: the angel OP acquaint doesn't bout the name of the kid they're hosting.

Anyone see the Snaps from Ronnie 2k. Some guy said 2k18 was 70% accomplished already. I don't apperceive if he was a dev. but if that's true...a Beta allure bigger appear soon.

Edit: that some guy was one of the Accomplish a Ambition kids, who happens to accept some appropriate handles.

Looks like a annihilate lol I don't anticipate 2k allows to set birthdays aback abaft 1999 because annihilation afterwards that isn't old abundant to be drafted.Nah it's a accomplish a ambition kid. They're hosting 2 of them today.

I approved for Love. And Garnett is the advancement 4 on my capital team. Can't accept Celtics on this team.Id say Ignore the aggregation emblems and use the best adaptation of the card. I accept rockets tmac on my madic squad. Either way actual nice.

Too bad theres no olawandikandi card. You could bandy latrell in there too. Im cerebration about accepting bug eyed sam cassell. Was the set expensive?

Olakwandi would be sick. Missing a lot of air-conditioned Wolves that aren't in the bold like Pooh Richardson, Starbury, Mitchell. Set not too expensive. Apparently beneath 100k Cheap 2K17 MT Coins.

Edit: Hardly over. I forgot I arranged Rider

Could you column your lineup? And Scottie has his design but I assumption that's not aggregation USA. Shouldn't gervin get a beasts agenda too.

Diamond Rose Amethyst MJ Ruby Scottie Ruby Rodman Design Artis Gilmore afresh off the bank Amethyst Jimmy, Ruby Deng, Sapphire Noah, BJ Armstrong, Horace Grant, Kukoc, Emerald Kerr and Ron Harper.

I'd like Scottie and MJ USA precious stones but ambition to accumulate this Beasts logo only. Originally didn't accept Jimmy but afflicted my apperception to add him. If Gervin were to get a Beasts agenda it would've beforehand in the year. It was end of his career so I wouldn't apprehend him to get a top rated card.