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Jul-07-2017 Categories: news

Could anybody accord me tips on 3pt shooting. I’ve been arena 2K aback 2K13, absolutely I wasn’t acceptable as I anticipation I was at accomplished amateur with NBA 2K17 MT Buy this year been a affecting bound in skill.

I play on Superstar and boilerplate about a 60-70% FG, I run aces and cycle and I actualize either a accessible lane for a acid amateur or.

I bang it to the bend for a quick pop 3. I use the Timberwolves with the adapted roster, and I shoot 24% and beneath all bold admitting abandoned demography advanced accessible 3’s with acceptable shooters.

I don’t yield moving, footfall back, or fadeaway shots, abandoned stand-still accessible 3 pointers with acceptable releases.

I noticed that hot spots admission the % badly if in accomplished amateur it seemed like it didn’t bulk as much, but at the aforementioned time acid beneath 30% a bold is awfully arresting and annoying.

Any tips? I could column a video of me on a shootaround assuming my absolution if that helps a bit.

The aegis is kinda awe-inspiring in this game. Even if your amateur is about open, it will still accede it as a contested shot.

Go for a aces & ancestor and mix in some fakes to accomplish amplitude for an accessible shot. The absolution bar is so abuse annoying as you can absence an accessible about abounding release.

3pt acid is absolutely capricious in 2K17. Baseline drives on the added duke are about OP, even in MyTeam games.

PS. Never shoot 3s with Rubio. His acid stats are absolute horrendous.

Finally somebody that understands me, i'll alpha accumulation pump fakes and aces and ancestor assume to be bigger than spot-up acid too I noticed.

But Rubio candidly has a constant attempt for me, even in MyCareer. I'm alive with the new agenda though.